Infrastructure: Project Funding

The following are examples of the Firm’s success in securing authorization language for specific projects and issues:

  • $162 million: Construction of the Heartland Corridor
  • $125 million: Construction of the Alameda Corridor East (ACE)
  • $105 million: Crescent Corridor Intermodal Freight Rail Project
  • $100 million: Construction of the Gerald Desmond Bridge
  • $100 million: Construction of the Liberty Corridor
  • $98 million: National Gateway Freight Rail Corridor
  • $80 million: Widening of I-80
  • $50 million: Widening of Highway 53
  • $36 million: Widening of the SR4
  • $15 million: Norfolk International Terminals
  • $14 million: Relocation of rail lines from El Paso, TX to Santa Teresa, NM Additional $100 million in Members’ High Priority Projects, ranging from $100,000 to $7 million

$650 million in project funding secured through USDOT’s Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) loan program.

The Firm has secured the authorization of over $1 billion of water infrastructure funding, including $750 million for the eastward expansion of Craney Island at the Port of Virginia and over $60 million in funding for the construction of recycled water plants.

Developed language that ultimately formed the Projects of National and Regional Significance Program ($6.6 billion in appropriated funding)

Developed language that ultimately formed USDOT’s TIGER discretionary grant program

Developed language that ultimately formed USDOT’s FASTLANE discretionary grant program

Secured language authorizing port channel deepening to 55 feet (50/50 cost share)

Secured a favorable decision by USDOT that state funding for ports could include inland ports

Secured legislative language requiring Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) to both the FAA and Clean Water reauthorization bills

Secured $500 million for Projects of National and Regional Significance that would support funding for highway and interchange improvements projects; secured separate funding category rail grade crossing projects; and worked to secure $1.7 billion for USDOT’s TIFIA loan program.