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Federal Advocates, Inc. is a Washington, D.C. based government relations firm. We assist public and private sector clients in devising and executing advocacy strategies to successfully achieve their goals. Without a team of experts on your side, successful advocacy is difficult – but our team of experienced government professionals has been immersed in the public policy and political processes their entire lives. Collectively, we have secured over $2 billion for clients in authorized, appropriated and grant-funded projects. Coupled with this are numerous instances of success on the policy side, many of which broke “new ground” in the legislative and administrative processes. Our guidance will help you understand and navigate these complex processes, strategically positioning you to be ready to fight the next battle or capitalize on the next opportunity.

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Advocacy Issue Areas & Services

Our government relations services envelope all relevant issue areas: infrastructure, energy and the environment, healthcare, law enforcement, education, technology, gaming, and more. The Firm’s track record on both funding and policy issues is second to none. Federal Advocates has a history of “pushing the envelope;” that is, pursuing goals that others thought unachievable and achieving successes that others thought impossible. It has done that through commitment, openness, assertiveness, creativity, enthusiasm, confidence, and integrity coupled with a purposeful, analytical and organized strategy. The funding and policy successes of the Firm more than demonstrate the underlying level of its experience.


The various authorizations moving through Congress provide an opportunity to reserve a place at the funding table.


The current ban on earmarks presents a significant challenge for getting money through the typical annual. . .

President’s Budget

Even though earmarks have been banned in Congress, there are quite a few that still make there way into the President’s Budget.

Regulatory Policy

The Firm has been and continues to be deeply involved in many areas of administrative policy and regulations. . .

Grant Funding

Utilizing a sophisticated grant tracking system, the Firm has successfully obtained funding from all 26 federal agencies. The Firm regularly monitors the Federal grant process for solicitations of interest. Once a grant has been targeted for application, Federal Advocates will assist in preparing/reviewing the application, arranging pre-award meetings with key grant principals, securing letters of support, and advising/assisting in the implementation phase.

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Public Affairs

Our public affairs services often run the gamut from publicity campaigns on behalf of corporations, organizations and individuals, to supporting legislative and litigation efforts, to crisis communications needs in the wake of a damaging public disclosure or news article. We pride ourselves on bridging the gap between providing seasoned public affairs and media relations counsel to clients and the execution of high-impact, agenda-setting national media coverage that can forever change the dynamics of a policy debate or litigation matter. One story in the New York Times or Fortune magazine can have more impact on public perception than hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on public relations.

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Our guidance will help you understand and navigate complex legislative and regulatory processes, strategically positioning you to be ready to fight the next battle or capitalize on the next opportunity.

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